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I have a table with several categories and they all have a month assigned to them (essentially types of activities being undertaken in that month).

I want to create a view that shows one category across specific months. For example “Real Estate” in March, April and May. I can’t do it with filters, because I would need to combine AND OR filters. I saw a post about combining formulas: but can’t seem to write the correct formula for this.

I would really appreciate any help!

Thank you so much!

Try the “Group” function, and you can group your categories by month and category.

Try this formula, changing the {Category} and {Month} field names to match your actual base:

AND(Category = "Real Estate", OR(Month = "03 - Mar", Month = "04 - Apr", Month = "05 - May"))

Or, slightly shorter:

AND(Category = "Real Estate", SWITCH(LEFT(Month, 2), "03", 1, "04", 1, "05", 1, 0))

Filter all records that output a 1.

Thank you so much - that’s exactly what I needed!

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