Sorting an embedded airtable I do not own for display on website

I’ve displayed an airtable created by someone else on this web page

Is there a way to make it automatically show the latest activities ? or even better, center the display on activities closest to the current date ?

thanks in advance for your help !

Welcome to the community, @V_Belleville! :smiley: Because the table you’re embedding was made by another user, that user has control over what’s displayed. I suggest asking that user to create a view that’s sorted as you like, and give you a new link to that view.

hey Justin, thanks for your replay, I’am going to do exactly this !

well, I would if I knew how I can contact the owner of a table airtable com/embed/shrzkp3rHrzFM07tc/tblzajWcpZasu7aiG
could you help me with that too ?


On your desktop you can do the following

on desktop shows the following

On the bottom right there is link for “View Large Version”

Click “View Larger Version” and it will result into the following

In the upper left as highlighted by yellow color there are options for “Filter” and “Sort”.
Click Filter and choose options for Filtering.
Click Sort and choose options for Sorting.

Let me know if you need further help.

Sorry for the confusion. I somehow thought that you knew the person who made the embedded table. Where did you get the embed link?

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don’t be sorry! it is a usefull information for me to know only the owner can configure this

as for where I got the link is a good question, I found it months ago, not sure exactly where. I know the organisation that is behind it but I was hoping I could figure out which airtable account owns it because if I contact the organisation I’m afraid my request will get lost before reaching the person who knows how to set this …

I don’t know of any way to find the owner of an account based on part of a base that they shared. Due to security/privacy concerns, I don’t think that Airtable staff could give you that info either. I say take a chance and contact the organization (this should probably be done anyway, seeing that you’re sharing their content).

I think that configuration is lost on every page load.


You are right !

It is only temporary workaround till owner of the base fixes it as mentioned by @Justin_Barrett