Sudden Time Zone issue


Hi all,

I had a view that was filtered by date. So a new record was added to this view at Midnight “00:00”, and it automatically triggered my workflow in Zapier.

2 days ago, all of a sudden it started triggering at “23:00” and completely ruined my workflow.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Time Tracker Time Zone Issues

Your problem is not entirely clear. What is the filter that you have set up the View that triggers your Zap? Did the time in the date field actually change from 00:00 to 23:00?

This will probably be a timezone issue, possibly triggered by daylight saving in your timezone. Ticking the “Use the same time zone for all collaborators” button on the Date field often sorts these kinds of problems, but it’s hard to say without further elaboration.


Hi David,
Thanks for the quick response. Let me elaborate a little more about my filter:

I have a manual date field where I manually set a certain check-out date (no time). The filter is set to “check-out date” = tomorrow.

I think it may have something to do with day light savings as you mentioned, however we did not have any day light savings recently where I am based (and everyone in my base), which is the part that is baffling me. (we change time zones here in 2 days…)


So the check-out date in the field has not changed but Airtable has started evaluating the date as being “Tomorrow” at 23:00 instead of 00:00 (1 hour earlier), right?

This sounds like a bug, or perhaps Airtable is misapplying daylight saving to your timezone. Where are you in the world? Perhaps some other country applies daylight saving at a different time to you, despite being in the same geographical timezone? And then Airtable assumes you should too.

It’s probably worth reporting as a bug. Although, it’s possible that your base will be back in sync in two days time and then you’ll forget about it for 6 months.


I believe you’re right. Will report. Thanks for your help.