SWITCH() Function Suddenly Not Working?

Ah! ALL of my fields that incorporate the SWITCH() function are suddenly returning “#ERROR!”. Is anyone else having this problem? It happened when I just created a new field using that formula as well…

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Yep, my SWITCH() functions appear to be returning #ERROR! as well.


Yeah I’m getting the same error :grimacing:

Hi there,

We are looking into this - if you haven’t already, can you email support@airtable.com?


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Yes! I was also getting an “#ERROR!” see screenshots below. I will also be emailing to support. Glad to know it’s not just me!

Me too! hopefully they fix it soon.

Yes, me too. I sent a support request. Email on the way.

Changed it to a nested IF function instead. Makes a very complex formula even more complex but it worked for my situation.

Hi everyone, today we had a temporary issue that affected formulas using SWITCH.

We take unintended data consistency problems like this very seriously, and we’re sorry for any problems this may have caused. Shortly after it came to our attention, we corrected the underlying problem.

If you continue to experience problems please reach out to us via support@airtable.com.