Timestamp Diff Formula


Hi all

this should be easy thing to do but i am kind not gettin into it…

Simple problem: calc the time diff between two uploads

I have created simple “Selfie” Base, if some want’s to give it a try




Unfortunately (as you’ve discovered), NOW() doesn’t work the way you want it to work. Even more unfortunately, the basic functionality you wish to build upon doesn’t currently exist in Airtable — namely, field-level timestamps.

To track timestamped values, you have two options: Procedurally require manual setting or update of a date field concurrent with whatever change to base status you wish logged, or re-architect your solution so that each tracked event causes a new record to be generated, as the only autopopulated Airtable field or function with persistence is CREATED_TIME().

(Actually, I guess there is a third option: Use a third-party middleware offering to automate the otherwise manual setting and update of date fields. Typically, these could be handled as two-step functions, which means they can be used even with free Zapier accounts; however, frequency and monthly transaction limits would still apply.)

If I were to try to reengineer your base to allow as nearly automatic timestamping of selfies as possible, I would probably define a [Selfie] table, linked-to from whatever my primary table turned out to be, where every selfie is given its own, freshly generated record. This would allow me to use each record’s CREATED_TIME() as a proxy timestamp for the selfie it contains.



Yes!! Please!!
By all means!
You can reeingeneer the base! Change what ever needed.
Any help is most welcome!!

Thank you!

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