Track percentages from multiple songwriters

Hey all, new airtable user. I am a composer and I’m trying to put together a base that tracks a songs and co-writer percentages.

One song might have one or several writers. If it’s more than one writer, I would like to track their percentage. For example, song 1 might have writer A, B, C each with a 33% writer’s share.

The pertinent tables I have so far are:

Song Table - contains song details and metadata
Writer Table - contains information on composer

Do I use a junction table for this? I could use a little hand holding if anyone has an answer!

It depends on how you want the writer’s credit displayed. Its possible to produce a field that lists Writer A - 33%, Writer B - 33%, Writer C - 33% in the Song table without using a junction table.

Are writer’s credits always split evenly amongst participants? If the answer is no then you would need a junction table.

Thanks Kamille. Looks like I will indeed be building a junction table

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