Tracking collaborators across tables


Airtable noob here, we are just integrating the software into our company’s workflow.

Is there a way to track or view all the times someone has been tagged as a collaborator, across all tables in a base? We currently have one table for projects and a linked table for tasks. I would like to be able to create a view where I can see all the projects AND tasks that I’ve been tagged in. Is this possible?


Hi @Derek_Carl and welcome to the community!

If you make a separate table with collaborators and use a link field in the projects and tasks tables to add them, you will have 1 field each in the collaborators table. If you add a count field to it and maybe a formula field to add things up, you’ll get what you want. But let’s see if anyone can do it more efficiently.

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I’m making a custom app for this, which should be available by then end of the month or early next month.

The photo of the user interface on my site is a bit outdated, the final look of the app will look more like:


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