Schema is easy. Data entry and updating is so clunky. What am I missing?

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6 - Interface Innovator

It’s so easy to create a simple relational database. But SO difficult to enter data into joined tables, and even worse to edit. For example, enter and edit a contact with 3 phone numbers. I get that AirTable attempts to simplify with popups to joined records, but this gets exponentially cumbersome and prone to error quickly with anything but the simplest of schemas.

What am I missing? E.g., I can’t believe there isn’t an included / easy way to enter data into one form that populates multiple tables with appropriate joins.


Apparently, I can’t reply after 15 days, not even to update with a solution, so editing original here.
What I was missing was AUTOMATIONS. I had no idea that Automations could do this without too much pain. Create an input table, then use automations to split the values into various tables. This is helpful for data entry, but cumbersome for wide tables and doesn’t easily solve updating.

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I’m working on a custom app that should help linking records together a bit easier: Junction Assistant | KamillionaireApps

A popular app that you should also check out is Amplify, which basicly lets you build your own record editor interface with options for quickly adding/editing linked record info. On2Air: Amplify - Apps - Airtable Marketplace