Transforming a call Duration (number) into a datetime string to use Stacker


I am currently putting call data from Twilio into Airtable to then transform and present via Stacker. Currently, I can put the call start time (datetime), the call end time (datetime), and the duration (number) from Twilio itself.

I know there is the DATETIME_DIFF() formula, but the issue with this is that it produces an integer, where I am wanting h:mm:ss. I also know you can use the integrating formatting option that Airtable has on Formula fields, which works fine if I was only using Airtable. The difficulty comes in when I need to get this duration time into Stacker. Stacker does not do the same formatting option as Airtable and pulls in the duration integer (as seconds).

Any ideas?

I appreciate the nod, @Devan_Kreitzer. However, you didn’t list the code in your reply, or a link to whatever other thread might have it. Please update with either one before this thread auto-closes in order to help other users who might have similar issues. Thanks!


Once again @Justin_Barrett saved the day on a different thread.


Here’s what I did to get the answer I needed:
Step 1) Make Formula field and use DATETIME_DIFF() on your two days to get the Duration.

Step 2) Ensure that you are using the internal Airtable formatting feature to display result as time. Here’s s info on to do this:

Step 3) Make new Formula column and use code below. Be sure to replace “Time” with your duration column.

    FLOOR(Time / 3600) & ":" &
    RIGHT("0" & ROUNDDOWN(MOD(Time, 3600) / 60, 0), 2) & ":" &
    RIGHT("0" & ROUND(((MOD(Time, 3600) / 60) - ROUNDDOWN(MOD(Time, 3600) / 60, 0)) * 60, 0), 2)

Step 4) Now, apps like Stacker will be able to pull the string dates and not cause a completely metldown.

Previously mentioned thread where Justin answered my question provides other formulas for different time formats. Can be found here:

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