Trigger for reminder to follow up

HI All

I am wanting to have a trigger set for a reminder to follow up on a job/task, eg; when something is urgent i want it flag me every day, important every 3 days, general every 7 days, once i have followed up and changed the dates of last follow up.

I can’t seem to get the trigger to work when i’m trying to set up in automations.

Make a formula field for {Next Reminder Date} like this:

   {Last Followup Date}, 
      {Last Followup Date}, 
      SWITCH({Importance}, "Urgent", 1, "Important", 3, 7), 

Then set your automation to run when {Next Reminder Date} is today.


Where the coloured tags are, i am wanting them to disappear after i update the task for each property, and trigger the urgent, important, general on the relevant amount of days after i have updated.

That sounds like a separate question entirely. Have you set up the formula field and automation as I suggested in the previous reply? You can apply record coloring based on the formula field.

That worked a treat thank you :slight_smile:

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