Updating Linked Records from another Table

I have 3 tables:

  1. Units - a list of all our technology units whether classified as inventory or leased to a customer
  2. Customers - linked to the Units table
  3. Unit Setup - this is a form to be used by the shipping department to go through shipping checklists AND assign a Unit to a Customer.

I cannot figure out how to get the Unit Setup Form to update the Unit assigned to the Customer. I can get it to add a new linked record column… but I want it to update the main associated Customer record to the Unit.

You could try using an automation:

  1. Add a Formula field to [Customers] to get the RECORD_ID()
  2. Add a Rollup field to [Unit Setup] to pull in the {Customer} record ID using aggregate formula: CONCATENATE(values). Note: This will only work if only ONE customer is selected (and will work if multiple units are selected).
  3. Create an automation with a trigger on new [Unit Setup] records. Include an Update Record action step where the table is set to [Customers] and the Record ID is set to the Rollup field’s value from the trigger record. Update the Link field connected to [Units] by using the List of 'name' from the trigger record’s link to [Units]

Thank you!! This works perfectly. Do you know if an automation can also update a single select picklist?

The form also asks the shipper for the software version they installed… which is a single select picklist.
I have the same list on the Units table. I want to update the current version installed on that unit when they fill the form.

I tried to add this to the automation and the test keeps failing.

You’re going to have to repeat the same process: Get the record ID for the linked [Unit] into the [Unit Setup] table using a Rollup. This particular method will only work if one record ID is found.

To update the [Units] table record you’ll need a separate Update Record action step. Use the Name value from the single select field of the trigger record.

If you need to link to multiple units you’ll need a script.

Its also probably possible you could accomplish the same net effect by using Lookup fields instead of single select fields in the [Units] table to conditionally pull the value from the unit’s latest assignment record in the [Unit Setup] table.

Only need to link to 1 unit.
This is what I tried but it is failing.

Also, I cannot do the Lookup because I already have a ton of records that were “Prepped” on paper and would return empty values as we’re just moving to doing it in airtable.

Make sure the record the Automation is using to test has a value for that field. Also make sure both SingleSelect fields have the same possible options.

Test has a value and both single select lists are exactly the same… Still giving an error of “invalid inputs”. Any idea?

Run the test for the trigger step again, then test the action step.

It’s still showing failed… but the action actually works within the table? Strange

GOT IT!! Thank you so much!

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