Uploading Data via CSV - what is the best way to add images to each record?

I have of data that you want to import in one fell swoop and I have a bunch of photos that relate to each record of that tons of data. Whats the most efficient way of getting all the data and images up?

Great question! We provide a few different ways to import data into a base (these options do not import attachments)

You can bulk upload attachments (and create a new record per attachment) by dragging the files over the Add Record Button in a gallery view .

You can create a gallery view by clicking on the name of the current view and then clicking Gallery.

You may want to bulk upload images first and then use the import block for the data!

Welcome to the community, @meaghan_curran!

Yes, this is a little bit tricky, but it can be done.

The primary requirement would be that your photos must have a URL associated with them. If so, then you could either use Integromat or Airtable’s API to get the photos attached to their appropriate records, or you could use this extension, which would likely be the easiest way to go:

If your photos don’t have URLs associated with them, I’m not 100% sure what the best methodology would be to link your photos to your records, but perhaps someone else will have some good ideas for that scenario!

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