Use a formula + link to another record in the same field


I have some columns in my table where I want to use a formula but also link the data from that column to another record. Is that possible?



Hi @Tom_van_den_Berg - no, this isn’t possible, I’m afraid. A field can be a link OR a formula but not both simultaneously. A workaround I have used for this is to have two columns with the same value - one is the formula and one is the link to the other table. You can simply copy and paste the value in the formula field into the value in the link field and the link will be made with the value from the formula. It is a manual step, bit not too onerous. You can copy multiple cells in one go or even a whole column.

If you wanted to fully automate this process you could use Zapier or some other service to populate the link field with the formula value if the link field is empty. In Zapier, you would probably want to run this on some sort of schedule. I think the minimum cycle they offer is hourly, which may or may not be a problem for you. If this is too long, the copy and paste method gets you there a lot quicker.


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