Using a form to Update Contact Info

Huge apologies if I’m asking somehting idiotic! First time poster…

I run a charity and want to enable our volunteers to update their own contact info and details such as next of kin etc.

I know there is no way to edit information in my main table.

But can I set up another table which I pull data from using a lookup and have that lookup only pull the most recen information ie. if I am Jo Bloggs, I submit my next of kin details on a form. Something changes, I then submit another form and the first one is negated by this later additon?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Very best, Nathan

Welcome to the community, Nathan! :smiley: This might be possible with the solution that I posted here a while back:

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Hi @Nathan_Roberts1! This is a feature that people have been asking for on this forum for a long time. I’m not sure if/when Airtable ever plans to implement it, but I’m working on putting something together that does exactly this. Would you be interested in giving it a test run when it’s complete?