Using Filters to auto-fill fields with data


Hi! So I recently noticed that if I am creating records in a filtered view that all NEW records added in that view will automatically get the same values that are required by that filter.

This is pretty AWESOME! Ive been itching to get new records to auto-fill and this helps me get toward that goal.

Feature request… If you could attach a form view to create records in a specific view, that would ROCK! However, I do also use the ‘prefill’ in the URL option to do that.

Set defaults on fields

It also works when you group records!


Thanks for this suggestion. Unfortunately, it does not work for Linked Fields


Any word on when this will work with linked fields? We currently have a workflow that depends on filtering records with linked fields, and resorted to creating a dummy variable column that’s a 1:1 copy to autopopulate records so they don’t get filtered out