Using forms for sign-ups - limiting responses

We use Airtable to register volunteers at youth sports events.

We use an Airtable form to allow volunteers to indicate the dates and times at which they are available.

We would like to be able to let someone using the form to sign up know whether we already have sufficient volunteers.

Example: For Friday afternoon, we require a maximum of, say, 6 volunteers for Role A, and 10 for Role B.

Is it possible, when someone uses the Airtable form to sign up, to see something like “you will be number 5 of 6” for Role A, or “we have reached our limit for Role B”, if they would be number 11 for Role B?



Was there ever a resolution to this? I have a very similar need. Thank you!

If you create a table called “Shifts” and a filtered view with “Available shifts” you could make it so the registration form has a limited view to just “Available shifts”. Set a field with the number of volunteers you need, compared with the number of registered volunteers. If they are Equal then they could be filtered out of the Available Shifts view.

You could make a public view of Available shifts to have people click so they could see how many available slots are available for each time. With the pro version you could also color code the shifts so people could see at a glance how many volunteers are needed.

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