Using Zapier to update record field "linked to another record"

I’m trying to search, then update records between two Airtable bases with Zapier.

Every field seems to connect fine, except the one field that is a “link to another record” field with “allow linking to multiple records.”

It just shows up like this:


  1. Fields Project Owner: rec0cVysHxrGPLyNZ, rec17lheg5DurdmbK, recDaayGT8093y982, recaoR7xfyE5ophZY


Welcome to the community, @EPTDESIGN_Marketing! :smiley: That looks good to me. Internally, Airtable’s link fields store the record IDs of the linked records, whereas in the UI you’re shown the primary field value from those linked records. What you’re getting in Zapier are the IDs of the linked records.

What exactly do you need to do with these linked records?

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