Where to start: Teacher Evaluation/Appraisal walkthrough database

I am looking at to build a system which will allow me to keep track of the walkthrough I do with my teachers as a school principal.

I have one tab with all the teachers, one tab with all the standards we are looking at.

My goal is when I start a walkthrough would be to:

  • Select the teacher
  • Upload medias
  • Add notes in 3 boxes: description fo the observation, area of strengths, suggestions
  • Rate the selected standards (probably 5 maximum for one walkthrough), and add a note next to the rating

What would be the best way to design this ? My issue is on the standard as for ONE ENTRY (one walkthrough for one teacher), I can see how to deal with the medias and the three notes, however I don’t see how I can select the standards I want to rate and rate them.

If you have done think kind of design or you know a template that could inspire me, I would love to see it.

It sounds like you need a junction table.

I’ll call this [Teacher Ratings]. Each record in this table would link to one record from [Teachers] and one record from [Standards], and allow you to assign a rating for that teacher related to that standard. With five standards, that would be five records per teacher.

On the [Teachers] table, you would see incoming links from these records for each teacher. To tell at a glance what these ratings are, set the primary field in the [Teacher Ratings] table as a formula that concatenates the teacher name (or maybe initials for brevity), the standard, and the rating. That way you could see all ratings for a given teacher at a glance on the teacher’s record by looking at these links.

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Thanks for your help, you give me the right direction, and it works beautifully.

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