Working with ID numbers in Zapier

One of my columns in an “Opportunity” table is the Sales Person name. There is also a table in my base with expanded info for each Sales Person.

I am trying to set up an e-mail through Zapier that gets created when an Opportunity is marked “Closed - Won”.

The e-mail has some nice details in it like Opportunity Name, Amount of the project, some canned messages, etc. However, the Sales Person name doesn’t come through as their displayed name, but as the record ID (i.e., a 17 digit alphanumeric ID).

Doe anyone have thoughts on the best way to have it send with their name, instead of the record ID? Thanks,

You’ll want to create another field in your Opportunity table called ‘Salesperson Name’ that is a lookup or rollup field of your Sales Person that looks up the Name of the sales person. It will look just like your Linked column, except in the api it will be the text name instead of the record id. So that is what will show up in Zapier.

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That worked perfectly. Thanks.