You cannot run scripts on the current billing plan


Can you plese help me with automations and billing? I switched to the Pro plan and cannot run the script.

Is this base stored in the workspace entitled “My First Workspace”? Only workspaces are upgraded to Pro plans (not bases or users), so your base will need to be located within that upgraded workspace.

If it already is located within that workspace, then maybe try logging out and logging in again, and see if that works.

If that doesn’t work, then I would email about this.

Yes, I have only one worspace “My First Workspace” and all my bases are here.

Re-login didn’t help.

I will write to support, thanks!

Cool, be sure to let us know what they say!

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I am not sure, but i think not all pro features (like ruing scripts in your case, or customizing forms for example) are available while you are still on trial, doesn’t meter its actually PRO trial. Why is this I am not sure, but while we were on trial I remember noticing same things.

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Thanks! I wouldn’t want to wait another 23 days)))

PS. Still no answer from Support.

The forum won’t let me post my most recent reply, but @Marko.Petrovic is correct. Here’s a screenshot of what I was trying to post:

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