Zap into Record Link Field


Is it possible for Airtable to receive a data value into a record link field, assuming the value being zapped into the field exactly matches primary field value of linked record.


hi Bobby, in this case the most accurate approach is to use the record id of the linked field. You can create a new column called ‘Record ID’ and use the RECORD_ID() formula to expose it.



If the data matches the primary field it will link an existing record. If it doesn’t match it will create a new record.

(ps. If you have multiple records with the same primary fields,I believe it will match the first created.)

(pss. If your primary field is a formula and it’s not in the table it will not create a new record.)


Unfortunately, when a the value is zapp’ed into the field, it is blank. I guess I gotta tinker with it.