ZenBackups: Airtable Database Backups


Hi everyone.

I’ve just released ZenBackups, a service that makes it easy to backup Airtable databases.

In working as an Airtable consultant over the past few years, I’ve had a number of clients ask me if there was an easy way that they could backup their data. That was the inspiration behind ZenBackups.

Here’s a quick demo:

For more information, please visit: https://zenbackups.com



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Airtable Community mod here! :wave:

Wanted to clarify that this service is neither officially endorsed nor vetted by Airtable. As a company, we cannot vouch for the security credentials of this third-party service, and if you choose to make use of this service, you do so at your own risk.

Sharing your Airtable account credentials (like your API key or especially your account password) with anyone is a significant security risk. This service may store your Airtable account credentials in a third-party system that, if compromised, could leave your Airtable account vulnerable to security threats. If you choose to provide your Airtable account credentials to this service, Airtable cannot ensure that those credentials will be stored according to our own rigorous internal security standards.

We strongly encourage you to exercise caution when considering third-party services, especially if you are using Airtable to store sensitive information or for sensitive processes.


Then why doesn’t Airtable offer an offline backup? Preferably one that could be used to restore tables, views, formulas, etc.?

Not to suggest an implementation methodology, but perhaps a snapshot could be named and exported. The import should allow selective table imports.

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Tim_Dietrich is offering a great solution. Why doesn’t airtable purchase it and incorporate it in a more secure fashion?


I agree with the above comments regarding Airtable needing to either:

(1) Provide its own system that allows users to easily backup an entire account’s worth of Airtable tables to the user’s own computer (note that this differs from individually exporting csv files, which are incomplete files and would require potentially hundreds of downloads to backup the account).

(2) Purchasing the Zenbackups system from its developer and modifying it as needed to allow backups to take place.

Note that Google offers complete backups for all of its common products.

If a user is going to build a business on Airtable, a backup on one’s own computer is critical.
Thanks, Kerry