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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to June’s edition of our Top Contributors post! 

We’re excited to  highlight the top contributors in the Airtable Community who have gone above and beyond to help others learn and grow their skills with Airtable. 

Last month, our Top Contributors offered 72 solutions, received 25 kudos for their ideas, wrote 397 replies, and received 139 kudos🔥



*click the links below to learn more about June’s Top Contributors.


Top Solution Authors 🧠

  1. @Stephen_Orr1  -  40 Solutions Authored 
    Updating array-type fields in scripting (Multi Collaborator). You can follow the conversation here
  2. @TheTimeSavingCo - 21 Solutions Authored 
    Rollup/ Formula to deduct # tickets claimed from tickets available. Follow the conversation here
  3. @kuovonne  - 11 Solutions Authored 
    How to sum up two values and create an array? You can read about the solution here

Most Kudoed Ideas 💡

  1. Show an interface without airtable account by @Sara - received 11 Kudos in June for a total of 51 kudos.
  2. Ability to group and/or hide tables in a base by @Tito_Alverio - received 7 Kudos in June for a total of 13 kudos.
  3. Duplicate multiple rows by @Kaley_White - received 7 Kudos in June.

Be sure to check out and provide kudos to other community member’s ideas on our Product Ideas board. In our upcoming Product Ideas board update, likes will be key, add a kudo to any ideas you would like to see implemented in future roll outs! 

Top Replies 📨

  1. @Stephen_Orr1 - 239 Replies Authored
    Unable to delete 10 records at a time. Check out the conversation here
  2. @TheTimeSavingCo - 108 Replies Authored
    Automate tick box and Your result type is not a number or a date. Follow the conversation here
  3. @Sho - 50 Replies Authored
    Run a webhooks when a button is push. You can follow the conversation here

Top Kudoed Authors 👍

  1. @Stephen_Orr1 - 65 Kudos Received
    Microsoft Forms to Airtable. You can follow the conversation here
  2. @kuovonne - 37 Kudos Received
    Hiding duplicates from a view. Check out the thread here.
  3. @TheTimeSavingCo - 37 Kudos Received
    Button in Interface: Create Multiple New Linked Records using Automations. Check out their conversation here

Thank you all for your contributions to the Airtable Community both in June, can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish in July! 

How do we select top contributors?

We define a Top Contributor as someone who is passionate, helpful, friendly, and active in the Airtable Community. These members continue to share their knowledge and build positive relationships by answering questions, starting new threads, and going out of their way to share their Airtable expertise and advice with their extended networks.

As we continue to evaluate each month's Top Contributors we will be reviewing both qualitative and quantitative data, as well as how each member upholds our Communities Code of Conduct and Guidelines as they interact with other members of the Airtable Community.

1 Comment
18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

I find these monthly statistics interesting but a bit repetitive. Interesting because every few months there are new people who start posting frequently. On the other hand, on the old forums, some of the most valuable content came from people who were not prolific posters.

I also find it curious that most of the kudos that I receive are for old posts. Thus the statistic doesn't say much about what I actually contributed in the month in question.

While the most kudo'd ideas sounds neat. I am sad that I have yet to see clear proof that Airtable actively uses that part of this community when deciding what features to work on.