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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi all! I’m Kelly - a product lead at Airtable focused on helping users create and drive adoption of powerful and easy to use apps. I’m excited to introduce a bundle of new Interface features that make building and collaborating with Airtable faster and more seamless. 

Updates available today: 

We’re rolling these updates out over the course of the day; if you don’t see them reflected in your workspace, hold tight! You should see them updated by the end of the day.

Streamlined Customization

We have revamped the Interface Designer experience by reducing the number of clicks it takes to take common actions, modernizing our visual design, and making it easier to find element configurations and navigate between Pages. Specifically, we have:


  • Separated navigation from page properties by moving app navigation to a left pane in Interface Designer, leaving the right pane solely focused on customizing page properties so you can always find your way around the builder experience.


  • Redesigned the properties panel by updating how configurations are grouped together so it’s more intuitive to find settings.

  • Now allow for direct manipulation of on-canvas elements such as adding or hiding fields to reduce the time it takes to configure and update your interfaces. Instead of trying to remember where a certain configuration option is in the properties panel, now you simply have to select the element on-canvas that you want to change, and the associated properties will populate on the right pane.


Form Improvements

Forms are an important way to collaborate and a much loved Airtable feature, so we’ve made some exciting investments to improve the building and sharing experience.


  • Now you can create externally shared forms directly in Interface Designer, removing the need to switch back to the data tab to create a form view while managing the rest of your app in the Interfaces tab. 
  • We also launched an updated Interface Forms Layout that bakes in builder best practices to the page so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you need to build a new form. This layout also benefits from all the streamlined customization work called out in the first section above!


Straightforward Sharing

Ever wanted to share an app with your whole organization? Maybe you’re building out a company directory, OKR tracker, or team planning workflow you don’t mind, or even want to encourage everyone at your company to utilize. Well, now you can do just that with the click of a button!


  • With company-wide sharing, you can grant general access to one or more Interfaces to everyone at your company, as defined through the admin panel.


Coming soon:

  • Interface form validation
  • Conditional logic on record detail & form layouts
  • Dashboard layout & improved charting
  • Resource allocation module
  • Task management improvements
  • Request to edit an Interface 
  • Interface support for Android
  • Pivot Table element

Learn more about these updates and what Interfaces can do for you and your team in our blog post.

Additional resources:

We can’t wait to hear what you think, and see what you build, with these updates!