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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi Airtable Community! I'm Matt, a Software Engineer here at Airtable. We're excited to announce some new features of number fields that give you more control over how numeric data is formatted and abbreviated. To access these updates, create a Number field or configure an existing Number field.


What's included in these updates?

Format numbers for different languages. Using the new “Thousands and decimal separators” setting, you can format numbers automatically based on users' language preferences with the new “Local” option. For example, an English-speaking user sees 1,234.0 while a German-speaking user sees 1.234,0. You can also choose a specific format that applies to all users regardless of language preferences. Support for additional languages and regions will be available over the coming weeks.

Control whether thousands separators are shown. You can choose to display a number or currency field with thousands separators (1,234,567.0) or without (1234567.0).

Abbreviate large numbers. If you have large numbers or currency values, you can display them as an abbreviated value. For example, $34.1M instead of $34,100,000. When editing this value or referencing it in a Formula or in filters, we’ll continue to use the underlying, unabbreviated value.

Preview the result of a field’s settings. As you try out different combinations of options, we’ll show an example value to make it easier to confirm your selection before saving the field configuration.

Separator formats.png

What field types support these new settings?

Thousands and decimal separator customization is available for Number, Currency, Percent, and Duration fields, as well as computed fields (Formula, Lookup, Rollup) that are formatted as a Number, Currency, Percent, or Duration.

Large number abbreviations are available for Number and Currency fields, as well as computed fields (Formula, Lookup, Rollup) that are formatted as a Number or Currency.