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Rating field and new checkbox styles

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hey folks! Here’s a few colorful new updates for you all:

The rating field

We’ve just launched a new field type: the rating field! Go forth and rank all the things!



Set the maximum number of symbols in the field customization menu. To give a rating, hover your cursor over the cell and select the desired number of symbols (click on the existing number of symbols or type using the 0 key to clear a cell). Nothing too complicated, but you can read a little more about it here if you have further questions. The default symbol for the rating field is the yellow star, but if you have a Pro plan…

Pro plan features: new checkbox field styles, and additional rating field styles

Pro plan users can now customize their checkbox and rating fields further by changing the color/symbol used. Just adjust the style from the field customization menu!

For reference, here’s all the styles available on the Pro plan for the checkbox field:
all checkbox styles.png

and here’s all the styles available on the Pro plan for the rating field:
all rating styles.png