A way to trigger buttons with automations

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey everyone,

For a software project we are importing data from an existing erp to airtable.
We wrote a script linked to a button that gets the data from various endpoints and uses it to calculate some fields and fill in or update records.

Now we would like to automaticly synchronize projects that change in the erp.
So every hour we look at the ones that changed in the last hours and update “sync” field with a date. When that date changes it triggers an automation with the earlier mentioned script (small change in how it gets the id from record).

However it is impossible to make requests to external api’s using automations at this time => always get the error “TypeError: Requests that follow redirects are not supported currently”.

I was wondering if there is a way to let a script/automation press a button-field from a record?
Or a way around the type-error but it is mentioned Using Scripting Block to push a webhook on button click already so I doubt it

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Adding to this. I’d also love to be able to automate a button execution. For example, if triggering a button was in this list my problem would be solved: