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Any advice on how I can track participants so I don't contact the same people too often?

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My company currently emails users in batches of hundreds, and we’ve now grown to the point where we’re concerned about contacting the same people too frequently. Any thoughts on how I could use Airtable to address this issue? Thanks so much!

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Hmm, you could possibly have two tables, one for Emails Sent and one for Email Addresses

In the Emails Sent table, you’d have the date an email was sent as well as all the email addresses it was sent to

You could then link the two tables together, and you’d then, through rollups, counts etc, be able to see in the Email Addresses table how many times you’ve emailed them, when the last time you emailed them was, how many emails you’ve sent them in the last month etc

You can also hire me to just set it up for you too!

Couple of quick things here:

1: when we use a field to trigger an automation - we make that a date field so changing it to today’s date triggers the automation and also gives us an easy visual check of when it was sent.

2: having a ‘last contact field’ which is updated by an automation or zimilar (e.g. zapier if using different software for mailing)…

3: we set up automated mailings based on rules which include date fields to ensure regular but not too regular mailing

We do this for research participants, and track the last time an email was sent to a user, as well as the last study a user participated in, which I convert into “days since” fields to make it easier to look at.

Thank you all so much for the input - I will discuss this with my team!