Auto-populating cells across tabs in Base

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4 - Data Explorer


I am somewhat new to AirTable and LOVE it! I'm currently working with the Pro subscription.

I have a base where the first 2 columns (Primary Field and column immediately after) on a grid view carry through on all 7 tabs of the dataset. Each tab is recording a subset data analysis of the overall project so the records themselves are separate - to a degree.

Essentially, I have the Organization name and Project Title as the first 2 columns on each tab and they will be the same name on each tab so it would be easier if I could enter it once instead of having to enter it on each tab.

I'm pretty sure that I need to create an automation but I am not at all familiar with JavaScript. Would anyone have an easy hack or for running this kind of automation?  

I hope this makes sense. 


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Could you provide screenshots and examples of your tables now and how you'd eventually like them set up?

Separately, given that it repeats it feels like the "Organization" and "Project" data should be individual tables that you then link your data records to; can't say for sure though as I don't understand your data layout