Automate creation of empty records (day of week + time) for calendar view?

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So I have a calendar view in my interface where a user can add a record to schedule an asset to play at a certain day or time. It's been working well so far, but the actual schedule never changes week to week only the asset assigned to that timeslot.

The table for this calendar has a date/time (ex. 8/18/2023 10:00pm) primary field and I was wondering if there was a way to automate the creation of blank records for the time designated timeslots so that when a user tries to schedule an asset all they have to do is click one of the blank records in the calendar and assign the asset? This would make it faster for them to do the scheduling without having to manually recreate the scheduling time slots every week that never change anyway.

I attempted to do this with a create record automation... but it seemed like I could only create date/time records for a specific date instead day of week. 

For reference below is the scheduled slots I'm trying to create. Ideally the automation would initally create two months worth of empty records and then run once a week to ensure there's always two months worth of records.

M-F @ 4PM, 8PM, 10PM
Sat @ 10AM, 2PM, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM, 2AM, 4AM
Sun @ 2PM, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM, 2AM, 4AM

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