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I currently have airtable tracking shipments that are scheduled to come back at a later time.

I have to manually track all this. I have tried my hardest to find the method to make airtable do this automatically but i cannot figure it out.

i have a status field and I would like the delivered date and due date to be automatically adjusted when i mark the status as “with client” I am trying to figure out how to make airtable select the delivered date on the day that I mark the order “with client” and add 10 days to the due date.

could someone please help me . thanks

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For this, I think you can:

  1. Make a new formula field called “Today” or some such, with the formula TODAY()
  2. Make an automation with the trigger “When record meets conditions” where the Status is “With Client”, and its action will be to update the triggering record’s Delivered value with the value from the Today field from the previous point

I assume this means that the due date is ten days after the Delivered date? If so, a formula field should do fine here with the formula being something like the following:

DATEADD({Delivered}, 10, 'days')

thank you! I will try this