Automate duplication of an interface -- creating personalized interfaces

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4 - Data Explorer

I have multiple tables of criteria, and a table of people with a tag that identifies which criteria table applies to them. How can I use automation to duplicate an individual's entire corresponding criteria table (as an interface) for each person in the people table? 

Currently, I can only find content on automating the creation of new records, but my table of criteria is pretty large, so it seems rather unfeasible and redundant to manually input every criteria in as a record to be added. 

Additionally, I thought about having users themselves duplicate the interface/criteria list that is relevant to them, but from my understanding they would need creator access to the base, but individuals should not be able to modify the original tables of criteria, only their individual table. 

Lastly, I considered linking people to criteria within each criteria table, and while that would make giving people a personalized view easier, it doesn't work around the problem that individuals should not be able to modify the interface directly, and that they need to modify their own copy (there's a checklist column for each criteria). I could also create separate records for each person instead of linking multiple people to the same criteria , but that runs into the issue of the criteria table having wayy to many records, a lot of which would pretty much be duplicate data. 

Any ideas on how I can approach this dillemna? 

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