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Automate monthly email to send records of same month records only

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Hi There,
I am trying to have airtable send me 1 email every 1st of the month with list of ALL people that have birthday in the same “current” month. So if it’s currently Oct now , then I want an email just with those that have birthdays on this month of Oct.
I created a column for the DOB , then another column for the birthday month ( formulated) and another one for “current month” (today’s date).

Seems I am missing something since I am not able to complete the automation part , conditions ask me to refer to a specific value and not another equal “matching field” . so , in other words, I was thinking I’ll be able to trigger the system when the month columns are matching.

*I really wanted to have the email sent 10 days before that 1st of every month but now I feel this is even more complicated . lol. so the 1st will do too.
Any ideas ?
Tnx in advance .

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Hi @Anat_Meged

To make the automation ask for another dynamic value you will find a small gear icon beside the value box on the right (you might need to scroll a little more to the right). Clock on this icon and set it to Dynamic instead of Static, this will make a small + sign appear, click on it to choose the other field

Hope this helps

Appreciate the resposne .
My setting is dynamic but it wont allow me to use anything else other then a specific value.
So in my case I would love to have “birthday Month” = “current month” in order to have that email sent.
But the only option I get is to use a number, not another “cell”
Any idea what else I can do?

Well , you can try the following logic then:

  1. You need to change the formula for the Today Month field to be something like “include in the filter for next month’s birthdays” so the formula would be something like this:
If({birthday month} = {current month}+1 , "Add to Next Month Digest")
  1. create a new view with a filter where this new formula field is not empty (Next Month BDs)

  2. Set the Automation Trigger to at scheduled time (in your case 20th of the month?)

  3. Add a Find Records step, with the “Find records based on” set to View and choose the new view you just created

I think this will work :slightly_smiling_face:

Tnx. That sounds promising.
Ill give it a try.