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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a base that is for “equipment” management. Basically it shows every piece of equipment we have on site and where it is (plus a bunch of other info). When we install a new room, or make changes I would like to be able to update it en-masse without having to search for and change each record.


TV1 - Room 100 - serial# 34555
TV2 - Room 150 - serial “blank”

New spreadsheet/table
TV1 - Room 600 - blank
TV2 - Room 234 - 098733
TV3 - Room 567 - 09292

ADJUSTED AIRTABLE after automation
TV1 - Room 600 - serial# 34555 (room changed)
TV2 - Room 234 - 098733 (room changed, serial entered)
TV3 - Room 567 - 09292 (new record created)

I’ve been working on the concept of having a table specifically for storing updates, but so far have been unable to successfully “link to” the associated record ID. If I physically paste it into the automation, it passes the test. Everything else I’ve tried gets a “received invalid inputs” error.

  • created formula in main record with the ID, added that as linked record in new table
  • did the above and then, created a formula that duplicates the linked ID
  • did the above, and then created a rollup with concatenate(values) to reference the ID

Any thoughts?

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