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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! We use Airtable for our inventory and our finance team require a summary of the value of stock at the end of each month. I have a value column which shows each product’s value and I look at the sum at the bottom of the total. I have also created an interface which highlights the total value of stock we’re holding at any one time.

This interface is really useful but the problem is as it automatically updates when something changes I can’t send this to accounts as a summary of the value at the end of each month (this is great in general - just for the purposes of this task I need to find another way). I have also thought about setting up an automated email to send 1st of the month at 12am but can’t find a way of including the small value in the ‘sum’ at the bottom of the value column.

I’ve also looked at snapshots but it looks like you can’t automate these for a certain day/time.

I can of course just send them an email with a link to the interface saying ‘here’s the current value of stock’ until someone changes some quantities but I need to account for the fact they may be on holiday or might not look at the email until the day after etc and by then it wouldn’t be accurate.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas of how to do this most effectively?!

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