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Had a bit of a puzzling issue today. We currently use Airtable to make a list of 3D styles that need to be worked on in our company for clients. Our clients receive an automated email when the status changes to “ready to be reviewed” or “questions for this style”.

Today I received an email from airtable automations that I had +1400 failed email automations and we’ve also been receiving emails from our clients that they gotten upwards of 200 emails about their styles that are no longer relevant. It seems that anyone who got the emails got notifications about all the tasks they’ve ever requested us to work on.

Before this happened I had merged a .csv import with my current data in the table (all tasks gets entered with an empty status), when I do this is also change the email field to a ‘look up’ so we can associate emails to the proper client based off a linked clients tab, then change it back to an email field so it works with the automation. All tasks i’ve done before without triggering all the records to send emails.

I’ve checked all our records and none of the status’ have changed so there hasn’t been anything that should have triggered the emails.

I just wanted to know has anyone ever had this problem? Or does anyone know what could have happened here?

Thanks for any help!

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