Automated Rollup Not Working All of A Sudden

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a time tracker table and a time tracker rollup table.

I have a Formula in the Time Tracker Table which Concatenate({Department},"-",{Week #},"-",{Employee}).

So the output becomes: Logistics-35-John Doe

In this Time Tracker table, I have a Duration time based on a (Start Date/Time) and (End Date/Time). 

I have two automations.
- 1. When a new record is created take Formula Column and enter the output into the Linked Column cell.
- 2. When a record is edited take Formula Column and enter the output into the Linked Column cell.

The process that occured, was that an employee uses a form and enters their department, time, and start/end time. When the record is created the formula then creates the data entry (e.g.: Logistics-35-John Doe). The automation would then take the formula and enter it into the linked cell. The linked cell would then populate the linked cell which was a single row (Logistics-35-John Doe).

Lastly I had a rollup to aggregate the linked cell duration time. 

So I am able to just group by week and see how many hours each employee is doing for each department.

This worked very smoothly with no issues until today. Something weird happened.

Problem: Today, the formula still works, and the automation works properly. However, when the formula data gets inputed (e.g.: Logistics-35-Doe), it then does not add it to the linked cell in the roll up table. What is weird I then setup a text column and had the automation enter the formula data into that cell. In essence, it tests how the formula and the automation outputs the text. I then took that text and copy/pasted it into the linked cell, and bang, the rollup linked cell adds the data and rolls it up. So I was able to prove the formula text work, the automation works by entering it into the linked cell; however, the rollup linked cell doesn't include that data point. It only will include the datapoint if I manually copy/paste it. 

So even though the text is exactly the same, the rollup table will not add the linked data point with an automation, only when someone copy/pastes it. 

This kind of seems like a bug.

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Difficult to say for sure without taking a look at your base - I have some time today, feel free to book a call if you would like some help