Automatically Update linked records when parent record si updated

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all!

As a novice user, I'm having a hard time automating a process. Hope I can get some help:

I'm creating an app to track bets in a sports game so:

  • I have a parent record "The game" with these fields: Date | Game | Result (Win / Loss)
  • Linked to the game I have different bets, usually more than one) with these fields: Status (Open, Closed) | Bookmaker | Odds | Bet

The automation should be:

1- When the game result is updated

2- Find bet records associated with that game

3- Change those bet records' status to Closed

Reading many threads I've seen that I may need to write a script but want to validate before starting to learn how to do it.

Thanks in advance

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

One way to do it without a script is:
- Set the default value of your Status field in the Bets table to open
- Add a lookup field to your Bets table that shows the "results" field from the Game table

Create the following automation:
1. Trigger When a record is updated
- Select the "Bets" table and the "Results" lookup field


2. Action: update record
- Select your "Bets" table, select the record ID from the previous step and the field you want to update "Status" to "Closed"




You can do this without a script using repeating groups

Trigger the uatomation when the game result is updated and then use a repeating group on the linked field to the Bets table, then have an "Update record" action to update them all to "Closed"