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Automating a record to appear in view at a scheduled time

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I can’t work this out: I would like to create a record in a existing view, populate the record fields (including adding an attachment), but hide this record until a scheduled time, when it would then become visible in the view. Is this possible? How? Appreciate the help.

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Create a date field for the date on which you want the record to appear. Then filter the view to show records where the date field is on or before today.

Thanks for this. And if I want the record to show at a set TIME on the SAME DAY as I’m setting up the record?

Appearing at a specific time is much more tricky. Methods that involve the formula function NOW() do not work well because NOW() can be anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more off.

If you always want a specific time of day, you can have an automation that runs at that specific time of day and updates the record. It can get tricky to identify that record in the time based automation. It either needs to be the only record that matches conditions, or you need a script. Even so, the time based automations are not always exact (although they are more reliable than NOW().

OK, again thanks. Looks like the solution is beyond my pay grade! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: