Automating on-boarding and employee check-ins

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6 - Interface Innovator

I see there is a template for employee on-boarding, however I’m also interested in automating 30-60-90 day reviews/check-ins. As we add employees I would like to have an automation notifying the employee and HR when they hit these milestones. What is the best way to accomplish this goal? Thank you.

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Assuming each employee has a unique start date, use three formula fields that add the appropriate number of days to their start date. I.e.

DATEADD({Start Date}, 30, 'days')

Then set up 3 automations that trigger when “30/60/90 Day Notice formula is today”.

Thanks Kamille,

I found this formula in a different post…

IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Live Date},‘days’) > 30, ‘Trigger Reminder’)

Really confused when it comes to knowing which formula is best and how to construct them. Any tips / suggestions on where to learn how to create my own formulas?