Automating "link to another record" field to only select records with a value which matches the record

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4 - Data Explorer

Trying to create an automation where the following happens:

I make Table 1, with a “Link to Another Record” field we will call Link Field, and I link it to Table 2
The record in table 1 has a value for “Company Name” which is “Alma”
I want Link Field in Table 1 to automatically populate with all records in Table 2 for which “Company Name” is ALSO “Alma”
This could be triggered when a new record is created in Table 2, or just every time you open Table 1 it updates

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That is quite possibly the #1 most requested & most needed feature in Airtable!

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

I would urge you to email to request that they add this feature ASAP.

You can easily fill all links in such one-to-many relationship just by copypasting whole column of values to the link field from ‘wide’ side.

Also, you can easily maintain linked relationship by automation, for example, setting trigger ‘when record matches condition’(link is empty).
In your case, do ‘find records’ in Table 2 and put the result… i’ll show


But sometimes you need it for link, where both values ‘inside’ the table
You can do it by script, by automation or manually through third table

automation is the easier way. put array of results to a field that awaiting array.