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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi. I am new to Airtable and new to a company that uses it. There seems to be a lot of streamlining that could be done with the system to cut down on manual tasks. We think we have figured out how to automate but we need to link tables together, see image attached, (i’m not familiar with the correct terminology)
Screenshot 2022-06-07 160126

Are there any quick and easy video demos that be recommended please?

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Hi @Helen_Georgiou
I am happy to help, but would need a little more information on what you are trying to do. Linking tables is rather straight forward. You have a table Inventory Stocks and you want to link that to a field in Stock Control. You add a field to Inventory Stock, that is type link to another record and choose Stock Control. Now you can select an item from Stock Control to show in Inventory Stock. Then use the field type look up to get more fields from Stock control than just the primary field.

Here is an Airtable article about doing that:

There is also a regular poster on the forum @ScottWorld that has an intro to Airtable that you might find helpful.