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Automation for yes or no last update

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Hi guys!

I’m taking a form on my company, and this form is available for the same person to answer how many times she wants. It’s a definitive and continuum form.

I was thinking about a filter that could give me the last answer of each person over the time, like a checkbox or a field with yes or no. Like an automation who could give me if the “submit” was the “last submit” of that person, so I could filter and create a unique visualization.

The only in common record in each answer is the name, so if they have the same name, and the timestamp of each one it’s different, I would like that this automation could give me an answer for the question “Was it the last answer of this person?”

It’s possible? Thanks

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so i would assume youre generating a document or report or something and you want that report to have the most recent entry for multiple people?