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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a database built out where customers can have specific roles. The automation I want to create goes something like this logically. Trigger: whenever specific event form is created: for each customer with role (insert role here - I want to be able to do this for different roles) send individualized email to their recorded email containing the event name, description, and date from the trigger, and the event signup form custom to the customer that will be in the same table as the customer email.

Question 1: Is this possible?
Question 2: Is this something that is guaranteed to require the professional plan?
Question 3: Can both Make (integromat) and Zapier help automate these steps?
Question 4: Can you give feedback on how to accomplish this?

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Hi @Justin_Gole ,

  1. Yes, this is possible.
  2. Using form submissions as automation triggers and sending emails doesn’t require a Pro plan. Be aware of the automation limits though (only 100 runs per month).
  3. I don’t see a need for external tools.
  4. Create form → create automation with form trigger → use send email action and add all the data you want to add.

Thanks for your reply Rupert,

I am coming up with an issue with the number of unique emails I can send per day.
I have created this flow:
I fill out a form.
The form creates new records.
The new records all trigger emails to be sent out.
This works exactly how I want it to, but I can only send to 100 unique email addresses a day. I need to send out around 500 some days, and other days, 0.
I know how to run the same automation in Zapier, but I need to do this around 10,000 times a month and that would cost me 130.00
I believe Integromat (make) is supposed to have the same functionality. Does anyone have experience using integromat to duplicate the normal airtable automation send email to get around the number of emails that can be used limitation? Or does anyone have an alternative solution to Zapier, because the cost is prohibitive.


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

So in Zapier here is the automation i want to try to recreate in Integromat or anywhere else that has the functionality:
zapier 1
zapier 2

Thank you anyone with suggestions.