Automation Notification when record is updated - How to identify which record has updated?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey everyone. 

I have an automation setup where it emails me anytime a record has been edited or updated within a base of mine. 

This is great, but I don't know which record or field has been updated so it's hard to figure that part out without created a seperate automation for each field and each record. 

Any suggestions how the email notification I get sent would alos include which record and which fields were changed that triggered the notification? 


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I like to include the record url in the email. I usually format it as part of a markdown link with the primary field value. That way you can just click the link to open the record. Then you can open the record history to see the changes. 

Including the actual field that changed in the email requires a lot of helper fields or multiple automations and is rarely worth the effort to setup and maintain.