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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


I've had 2 ideas recently whilst building a lot of automations. Please do say if they already exist and I've missed them.

When creating an, "Update record" action, please auto-fill the "Record ID" with Trigger item's record id if it's from the same table as you're updating.

1. Every time I'm building an automation, if I'm updating a record on the same table as the trigger, the Record ID, is the trigger item's Record ID. Could AT autofill that Record ID token? Or maybe, a quick function link underneath the input box, "Use trigger record's Record ID" which fills the box when pressed.


2. Is there a shortcut key to access the dynamic variables in a field, please? Often I'm filling in a Field in the automation type some words, but have to move to my mouse to press the plus button and access the data key explorer.
Instead, maybe like how an "@mention" works, could we write an "@" (or similar) in the field box, and it auto shows the "choose data" box with the search field in focus. 

Tabbing doesn't work, as it tabs backwards to the first token you input, and you then have to tab through the other tokens.



Thanks for your time, 





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