Automation to create a record for each record in another table

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4 - Data Explorer

We have 20 retail locations and I am creating a simple task system. There are times when we need to create a task and then assign out that same task to every location.

I have a table for tasks and one of the columns is Location. When I create a task for “All Locations” I would like an automation to create new records in Tasks that are almost identical, except instead of Location being “All Locations”, it would be one for Store 1, another for Store 2, and so on.

I have figured out how to do this manually in an automation. In other words I say WHEN a record enters a view in the Tasks table (where the criteria for Location is “All Locations”), THEN create a new record in Tasks where all the fields match, except for Location where I manually enter in “Store 1”.

However, I was hoping not to have to do an automation for each store and have 20 automations. Then if something changes in the future, I would have to update each store’s automation.

Is there any way to do this as a loop of some sort? Basically create a record with these actions for every row of the locations table.

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