Automation to detect travel/ooo trends?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all,

Very new to Airtable, but very excited to be learning. We are currently using Airtable in conjunction with our Calendaring program to track when people are OOO or Travelling. We have set up an automation that when a Calendar invite has OOO or DOM in the title, it colors it RED or GREEN on our Airtable Calendar database and our managers can read that clearly. What our manager would really like to know is if 3 or more people are out at the same time or if people are travelling to the same area. This would show opportunities for site visits, etc. Is there a way I can write an automation that identify "high travel areas" like this? I realize we might not be able to get really specific.

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

You may be able to accomplish this with a timeline view. I set something similar up for a client's PTO base.

You can set conditions to color each group based on the summary data - in this case, how many employees are out on a particular day at a particular location.

The end result looks pretty cool and is great for seeing trends at a glance.

Couple screenshots below 🙂