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4 - Data Explorer


I'm trying to create an automation that is applied when a particular field contains today's date.  However, when I apply this condition, it can no longer find any relevant records.  All other conditions are working correctly, my specified field does indeed contain today's date when I check my table, and my Airtable calendar is correctly synched.  Any suggestions out there?



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@johnpatrickfray you would have to share a bit more details - maybe some screenshots? 

What I suspect is something related to the precision of the dates - something that looks like "today's date" can be actually multiple different date & time values, since in Airtable date always contains time element to it.

You can also take a look at the answer here: 

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

In addition to Greg's answer, automations don't work on conditions that already exist when the automation is turned on.

i.e. if your condition is "checkbox marked", and you have 5 records in your table with the checkbox marked before your automation turns on, when you turn on the automation it will not run on those 5 records; you'd have to uncheck and then re-check those 5 records if you wanted the automation to run on them