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Automation when a condition is filled

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I am looking to create an automation so that it automatically updated a ‘status’ once the condition is filled but I am getting confused when asked to include the record ID.

For example, I would like to automate the process so that once a campaign date reaches a specified time away (e.g. one month from now), that the ‘brand status’ tab is updates from one criteria to another (e.g. ‘live sponsor’ to ‘nearing renewal deadline’). Apologies if this seems minor, but I keep getting stuck at the reference to record ID.



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Welcome to the community, @Rachel_Coyle!

Maybe this animation will help:


Hi @ScottWorld,

Thanks for your response! I understand how to include the record ID, but I don’t know how this relates to the ‘action’ that leads to a change in the brand status, if you understand? Once I include the record ID, what is the next steps? Thanks!

Underneath that, choose the field that you want to update and type in the value that you would like to put into that field.